Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fleshy Review of the Bobby Movie

Let us return to the roaring slow 60s in the age of the Kennedys. A star studded cast is prevalent in the Bobby (2006)  movie. Heck, even the leading star of the unique Transformers movie, Shia LeBeouf is in it. Although, I can not say that it makes the movie any better. For starters, Anthony Hopkins is too classy an actor & acts more superb like a Nazi officer. He cannot seem to be a humble doorman character in the Bobby movie. Besides, I can't seem to shake his rich cannibal character away from him.

Anthony Hopkins's character, John likes to play chess in the Ambassador Hotel even though he is supposed to be retired. Most of the distinguished Hollywood stars in the Bobby movie act as employees of the hotel. Even the star hobbit, Elijah Wood from the movie Lord of The Rings is in the movie as a guest of the hotel with his on cover partner Diane (Lindsay Lohan) . fabulous star studded cast! I had never seen so many superstars in a single movie ever! Almost every character in the Bobby movie is a well-known superstar.

Fisher (Ashton Kutcher), the drug dealing hippy character persuades two Senator Robert Kennedy campaign helpers, Cooper (Shia LaBeouf)  & Jimmy (Brian Geraghty)  to undertake a uncommon & amusing LSD experience. At least the LSD tripping trio provided a crackpot twist to the rather serious movie. I found the movie to be more of watching Hollywood celebrities rather than being consumed into the legend of the Senator Robert Kennedy assassination. Perhaps the saying "Too many chefs spoil the cook" is legal for the Bobby movie.

At least we can leer how superstars like Sharon Stone & Demi Moore react to each other as individuals & not as characters of the movie. The same goes for the other stars in the Bobby movie too. Well, maybe with the exception of the hair slash scene between the hotel manager, Paul (William H.Macy)  & his beautician wife, Miriam (Sharon Stone)  which I found to be very emotionally charged. Helen Hunt does her fashion addict Samantha character well too with her on mask partner, Jack (Martin Sheen) .

The most profound scene was the final shooting scene of the Bobby movie directed by Emilio Esteves. The entire Bobby movie was like a blur of historical re-enactments from the perspective of the Ambassador Hotel employees. The speech in the background was reduced to become a remembrance of the Kennedy family & Senator Robert Kennedy in particular by the intense & chaotic shooting scenes of the Bobby movie. I have that the message of peace & equality in the U.S. of the slack 60s from the speech could have been better applied than simply to cap off the movie.